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Searching for an electrician for your hot water system in Logan or across Brisbane?

REPARE Electrical & Air Conditioning is a family-owned company that provides a variety of solutions for repairs to electric or solar hot water systems. Our Logan electrician can provide this assistance whether you’re a residential customer or commercial business.

Hot water system problems could consist of; leaks, unfamiliar odours, burst pipes and temperature control issues. REPARE can professionally service and keep your system in prime working order. Search us on Google for yourself and see more than 200 reviews to get a feel for our reputation and how we serve the Brisbane and South East Queensland community.

hot water system repairs

Expert Solar and Electric Hot Water System Repairs by REPARE Electrical & Air Conditioning

If you’re facing issues with your solar or electric hot water system, it is important to hire a qualified hot water technician.

Turn to REPARE Electrical & Air Conditioning for specialised and efficient domestic repairs. We exclusively focus on solar and electric systems, ensuring our technicians possess the expertise needed to address a variety of concerns.


If you notice you have limited or no hot water the things to check for are:

    • Is there hot water at any tap in the house? If it is all taps follow the next steps, if some taps have hot water then it is possible a plumber is required
    • Is there an issue with switchboard? i.e. circuit breaker tripped.  Attempt to reset breaker – if this cannot be done please contact REPARE and we will send out one of our hot water electricians to inspect and advise


Please do not attempt any DIY repairs, hire one of our expert domestic electricians to analyse any electrical issues – to keep you safe, saving you time and potential further costs.

REPARE can also assist with hot water system replacements, call us for a quote today!

Electric hot water systems are similarly built like an electric kettle. It has a built-in heating element inside the tank, directly placed at the bottom, therefore it heats the water that’s stored inside the tank. If you’re washing your hands and the water is cold after a couple of minutes, then clearly there is a problem.

Safety is a priority, so first things first. Since your electric hot water needs repair, turn off your electricity as your hot water system is connected to a power source. Then check to see if there are any blown fuses and if so, replace them. Next, reset any damaged circuit breakers if possible. Then check if the electric water heating systems’ thermostat is receiving power, because if this is faulty, replace it if you have another thermostat.



There are a variety of reasons that can cause a leakage from your electric hot water systems, which will need repair ASAP.

Here is a list of reasons:

1. First check the T&P valve by placing a bucket beneath the overhead pipe to check. Open your electric hot water system, and flush it to clean and repair the dirt and debris; if it still leaks, it will require fixing or replacing.

2. If the pressure from your electric hot water cylinder is increasing or decreasing, this will need repairing to lower the thermostat setting to relieve excessive pressure or heat.

3. Then look for any loose pipe connections and tighten them with a wrench, being careful not to overtighten.

4. After that, inspect the heating element bolts and tighten them if necessary.

5. Remove the heating element and replace the gasket if the leak persists.

6. Finally, inspect the storage tank for leaks. We’d recommend these steps be undertaken by a professional.


With global warming presenting a serious threat to the planet, eco-friendly ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are being encouraged. Solar hot water systems can repair our environment as this is one of the most environmentally beneficial water heating options. Solar energy is used to power the system, which is both relatively cost-free and renewable.

The problem with a solar hot water system which cannot be repaired immediately is when we have a cloudy day or it’s the rainy season, sunlight cannot produce enough hot water in your solar hot water system, which can be inconvenient. When installed make sure your solar hot water system is placed in a position where sunlight is optimal.

Always check your thermostat and if it’s broken, it will need replacing. Another problem with a solar hot water system which can be repaired almost immediately, is a broken solar panel, which needs to be fixed by a professional.

Fluid leaking is one of the most common issues with solar hot water heaters, but it can be repaired. In fact, it’s one of the most common problems with solar-powered water heaters. This problem is often caused by a broken collector glass or pipe, or a damaged and open pressure relief valve in the solar panels. Loss of pipe fittings and thermal expansion are two other possible causes of water leaks in a solar-powered water heater.

With this problem, a professional can usually fix it without too much delay. Whilst waiting for them, check the pipe fittings for any loose connections or broken pipes, and adjust or replace them if necessary. You can also decrease the system pressure by adjusting the thermostat settings.

Contact REPARE Electrical & Air Conditioning for expert hot water solutions for solar and electric systems

Trust REPARE Electrical & Air Conditioning for unparalleled expertise in solar and electric hot water system repairs.

Our specialised hot water system technicians ensure prompt and effective solutions, addressing a range of issues and repairs to restore your system’s efficiency. With a commitment to excellence and a track record of customer satisfaction, REPARE is your dedicated partner for maintaining a reliable and functioning hot water system in Brisbane.


Ready to experience worry-free hot water system operation? Contact REPARE Electrical & Air Conditioning today and let our expert hot water system technicians ensure your solar or electric hot water system performs at its best.

Schedule your service now and benefit from the expertise that sets REPARE apart in delivering professional repairs and electrical services.

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