Daikin is a Japanese premium air conditioning manufacturing company with its headquarters in Osaka. It’s a multinational organisation and operates out of: Africa, India, Latin America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia, United States, and Europe.

Daikin is considered a highly skilled inventor of variable refrigerant flow air conditioners, and holds a sound reputation here in Brisbane, across Queensland and throughout Australia.

REPARE Electrical & Air Conditioning provides a variety of the finest Daikin air conditioning systems for home and business installations

Additionally, we service, clean and maintain your Daikin air conditioning units to preserve its efficiency and keep your air flow at a cool, crisp level. This upkeep will also help keep any toxins at bay, that may be distributed from your Daikin air conditioning unit if it’s not professionally serviced.

Whether our home is Logan, Brisbane or elsewhere, it’s where we spend most of our time, looking after our property and family, and enjoying our home comforts.  It’s a little difficult to enjoy these comforts without a cool and pleasant ambience via a refreshing and non-toxic air conditioning system.

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Daikin was discovered in 1924 as Osaka Kinzoku Kogyosho LP by a Japanese gentleman named Akira Yamada. It wasn’t until 1982, that it found its current name, Daikin Industries Ltd.

They are the first company that has ever manufactured packaged air conditioning systems, known today as air conditioners. Daikin is the world’s largest manufacturer of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) products, systems, and refrigerants, with more than 90 years in operation. Daikin air conditioning has sold millions of systems throughout 140 countries. Daikin is also a leader in the split system air conditioning industry, having developed the first split and multi-split units.

Daikin air conditioners are made in Japan and are one of the countries that have 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Because of this, the Japanese people must be prepared for all seasons. With their cold winter season, Daikin can provide a temperature that is comfortable for your household.  When summer arrives, the daily temperature across several places exceeds 30°C. Because of the moist air coming in, the humidity level rises, and the temperature is higher than what it once was. As a response, Daikin air conditioners, in addition to cooling, created a system that also demanded dehumidification. The warm and sometimes uncomfortable summer season became bearable once Daikin air conditioners were introduced.


The word “Daikin” is larger than the triangle image on the logo. Because of the italic font, this style predominates as the letters are quite large which provides weight on their overall ‘stamp’. The light blue color conjures up images of the sky and fresh air, which is a great fit for a HVAC company.


From the variety of products Daikin has created and their brand being one the largest manufacturers in the world, it’s safe to say that Daikin air conditioners are efficient and reliable. According to Daikin, the air from their machines should be perfectly suited to the environment they support. As a result, Daikin air conditioners provide air management, such as temperature, humidity, flow, and cleanliness. The products themselves seek to provide a comfortable environment for your home.

Daikin has been patented for developing VRV systems. They manufacture air conditioners, air purifiers, large-scale air chillers and exterior air-processing units that adjust for humidity.

When the room temperature rises over the set temperature, air conditioners set themselves to cool. Non-inverter air conditioners have a constant motor speed and control the temperature by turning the motor ON and OFF, which consumes more energy. However, using a Daikin air conditioner with an inverter, the temperature is adjusted by changing motor speed instead of turning the motor ON and OFF.

Daikin air conditioners with inverters have reduced power loss and can save energy when compared to non-inverter air conditioners.


Daikin air conditioning maintenance is the key to have fresh cool crisp air inside your premises. These include cleaning the filters which can help keep your electricity bill more economical.

Here are a few handy tips on how to keep them clean:

Cleaning the filter

When the air conditioner’s filter gets jammed, the volume of air decreases, while the amount of electricity required to cool your entire room increases, which is can prove costly. It’s recommended to have your Daikin air conditioning unit filter cleaned every two weeks if used regularly, otherwise once a month. Remove dust from the filter by rinsing it with water or vacuuming it. When heavily stained, wash in lukewarm water with detergent and hang to dry. If you have a Daikin air conditioning unit with an automatic cleaning function, make sure to use this function daily for a clean filter.

Cooling fan cleaning

Cleaning the cooling fan (heat exchanger) in the back of your air conditioning unit, as well as the filter, is an efficient way to reduce electricity consumption. Check that the cooling fan is clean first before the cooler season begins. 

Contact REPARE on 32098006 if the fan is dirty or mould is noticeable.


daikin air conditioning brisbane

If your Daikin unit is clean and there’s water coming out, then one reason for this could be a loose water hose.

A leaking Daikin unit can lead to an unpleasant, damp working environment with stained floors. You’ll be relieved to learn that this problem is extremely common and simple to resolve. When you notice water droplets form on the aircon flaps and it drips on your floor, this is primarily due to air condensation on the flaps.

However, if your air conditioner flaps are facing at an upward angle, the cold air would be blown directly to it, decreasing the rate of the condensation. If water is constantly dripping down on your Daikin air conditioning, it’s likely that there is a blockage in the drainage pan, which requires a professional technician. While waiting for professional assistance, place a pail just underneath the aircon unit to collect water dripping down as a temporary precaution to prevent damp floors while waiting for the technician to arrive. An extra tip – place a dry rag in the pail to keep the sound of water dropping onto the pail’s surface if it’s distracting or annoying.

It’s also possible the liquid seeping out from your unit could be refrigerant rather than water. As a result, your electricity bill may increase, and it will take longer for your home to become cooler from the air conditioner. Furthermore, if the refrigerant evaporates and turns into a poisonous gas, it could be deadly. As a result, it’s best to contact our professional technicians at REPARE as soon as possible to address the issue.

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