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REPARE Electrical & Air Conditioning is a premium service provider on Brisbane Southside offering a variety of air conditioning installation services to both residential and commercial customers.

At REPARE, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service possible and have more than 200 reviews on Google to back this up. We are one of the most respected HVAC contractors south of the Brisbane River. Our qualified electrical and air conditioning experts can acquire you a new unit, carry out installation, maintenance and repairs.  We service any suburb on Brisbane’s Southside, Logan and Bayside areas, and are always ready to schedule an appointment.

REPARE’s professional approach ensures that our HVAC staff treat you and your home with respect – leaving your house the same way we found it.


Let’s have a brief history about Brisbane Southside.

The very first land auction in South Brisbane was held in 1843, and in 1855 building lots opened at a place called One Mile Swamp – near Vulture Street. The swamp then became a water reserve and serviced as a rest place for livestock who were passing through. The reserve was drained in 1889 and by then a township was established at Clarence Corner, and Stanley Street which led through to the Woolloongabba intersection.

Who could talk about the history of Brisbane Southside without a mention of the famous Story Bridge? A heritage listed steel cantilever bridge spanning over the river and joining onto Kangaroo Point, it was officially opened on 6th July 1940. Sir Leslie Orme Wilson Governor of Queensland at the time opened the Bridge and the rest is history.

Nowadays Brisbane Southside is a diversified mix of communities with all suburbs south of the Brisbane River – from Southbank to Woolloongabba through Coorparoo, Springwood and all the way down to Logan. A very popular Asian culture resides and socializes in Sunnybank which is famous for its restaurants and eating out.


Southside has a transit network of course, with its trains and buses just like any other major city – as well as the City Cat ferry that goes up and down the river from the Northside to the Southside to help people commute and travel.

TAFE campus is in South Brisbane, which is a vocational college, together with the elite Griffith University which has several campuses including Nathan, Mount Gravatt, Logan and even down on the Gold Coast.

The retail, industrial and commerce, is strong at Springwood which is a very busy and upmarket business district deep in the heart of the southern side of Brisbane. Its growth over the last 10 years has exceeded all expectations.

Southbank itself is a hive of activity with its shops, restaurants, bars and even its own mini beach area and various pools which is a winner for families and children.


Now, it’s time to consider how we’ll stay cool throughout the year in the southern suburbs.

Of course, there will always be hot weather. Heat is a “silent killer,” as the Australian Medical Association has warned, killing more Australians each year than the yearly road toll. As a result of climate change, heatwaves are expected to become hotter and more intense. That’s why air conditioning is necessary for the daily lives of people on the southside.

Heatwave plans, such as the Bureau of Meteorology’s Heatwave Warning Service (which debuted back in 2014), are being implemented by governments and agencies statewide. Brisbane Southside itself has a rising dependency on air conditioning units. Heatwave plans include a variety of cooling measures, but residential air conditioning installation and its usage is by far the most popular.

Three out of every four Brisbane Southside houses now have an air conditioning system or evaporative cooler, nearly twice the rate of ownership since the late 1990s. The most obvious setback with air conditioning systems — and one that will be a source of concern for many Southsiders every summer – is the expense of operating them.



An air conditioner split system, which consists of an inside unit and an outdoor air conditioning unit connected by pipes, is the most frequent form of air conditioner installed in homes across Brisbane Southside. These systems are usually the most cost-effective in the long run in comparison to a portable air conditioning unit.

How much does air conditioning installation cost? The cost will be determined by the cost of the units as well as the costs charged by an HVAC expert to install them. The cost of split air conditioners could range depending on the following factors:

  • The model and the brand
  • Size and capacity (in kilowatts – see what size you require)
  • Sensors, environmental modes, Wi-Fi, and app compatibility are all smart features.
  • Season of the year (you may get a better price in off-seasons).

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Loganholme is a suburban area that is part of Logan City, located halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. It’s a diversified landscape of rivers, shopping hubs, open space, built up suburban housing and thriving working community.
A reverse-cycle split-system air conditioner is the best solution for most households. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of air conditioning systems:

Air Conditioning Split system

These are made up of two parts; an interior unit and an outdoor unit that are connected by refrigerant gas pipes. They are the most prevalent form of air conditioning unit in Australia, and they can cool a room or an open plan space up to 60m2.

Air Conditioning Ducted System

These have a discrete central unit that is normally hidden in your roof and is connected to air outlets and sensors in each room via air ducts. It’s ideal for cooling and heating an entire home.

Wall/Window Air Conditioning

Installed in a window or through an external wall, a single box unit. Up to 50m2 of rooms and open-plan areas are suitable. Smaller air conditioning units can be plugged into a standard outlet; bigger ones may require extra cabling. If a split-system isn’t a possibility this is a decent price alternative.

Portable Air Conditioning Unit

A single unit that may be transported from one room to another (but generally not easily). To vent the heat outdoors, most include a flexible duct that must be linked to a window. When a built-in solution isn’t possible (for example, if you’re renting), this is a good alternative.

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