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REPARE Electrical & Air Conditioning is a premium service provider on Brisbane Bayside offering a variety of electrical services to both residential and commercial customers.

We wear our heart on our sleeve (and tools!) by providing the highest level of service possible and have more than 200 reviews on Google – go look for yourself. We are one of the most sought-after Electricians on Brisbane Bayside. Our trained staff can talk you through your electrical inquiry and have one of our team dispatched to  Brisbane Bayside, Logan, and surrounding suburbs.

REPARE’s professional approach ensures that our Electricians treat you and your home with respect – leaving your house the same way as when we walked in.


Brisbane Bayside runs along the coastal line on the southside of Brisbane. Generally, the suburbs that are regarded as Bayside are: Cleveland, Victoria Point, Redland Bay, Wellington Point, Thornlands, Thorneside, Wynnum and Manly.

Cleveland is about 25 kilometers southeast of Brisbane, on the western shores of Moreton Bay. Victoria Point is mostly a residential neighborhood, although it also includes public facilities and a boat connection to Coochiemudlo Island.

Redland Bay is located near the southern end of Redland City, 35 kilometers south of Brisbane. Here’s an interesting fact: iron oxides in lava from a volcano that erupted millions of years ago in northern New South Wales, about 100 kilometers to the south, gave Redland Bay soil its famous reddish tinge.

Wellington Point is about 22 kilometers south-east of Brisbane. It’s mostly residential and is bordered on the west by Birkdale and on the south by Ormiston. The town gets its name from a prominent peninsula that extends out into Moreton Bay. Aquatic activities are popular on the headland and its surrounding seas. In addition, Wellington Point preserves a seashore and a village feel.

Thornlands is about 28 kilometers southeast of Brisbane. It’s primarily a residential suburb, however certain areas in the south are still used for farming. Thorneside consists of a few well-known housing estates. The town is named after the Thorneside railway station, which was formerly known as Thorne’s Siding after William Thorne, who purchased a large amount of land in the area when it was partitioned in 1913.

Wynnum is a popular seaside suburb and attracts tourists with its shoreline, jetty, and tidal wading pool. Wynnum got its name from a Durubalic word that means mud crab or pandanus palm. Manly is next door to Wynnum and is a classy suburb with some stunning houses along the water.


It’s normal to believe that when we enter a room and turn on a light, it will turn on instantly. But what happens if your lights don’t turn on? Most of us would call an electrician because it’s their job, and choosing a trained electrician is critical for any electrical task, from the simplest installation of a new light fix to a whole house rewiring. So yes, an electrician is an essential worker and likely has a priority for safety more so than other tradesman.

Working with electricity may be extremely dangerous, so be sure the electrician is qualified for your family’s safety. Nobody wants any unexpected shocks or surprises either now or later down the track. Always best to ask the qualifications of the staff that will be attending your home or property.

Electricians do not have an easy job, and like many other contractors, specialise in a specific field. Some work on building sites, while others just respond to service calls, while others specialize in commercial property management.

Our experienced electricians have mastered techniques for wiring existing homes and additions, such as snaking wires through finished walls, assessing the capacity of existing circuits, and determining whether an additional service panel (where the circuit breakers are located) is needed to handle increased power demands.

However, if you are dealing with an electrical problem, it’s better to know what to do prior to a qualified electrician arriving.

Here are a few pointers:

It’s important to turn off the power during an emergency to prevent any damage. Find the main switchboard and, turn off the main switch.

When a person is shocked by electricity, the victim is tethered to the source. This is due to the fact that the shock compresses and freezes the muscles. We may have a tendency to isolate things from the source. People usually use their bare hands, which is dangerous. To stay safe, avoid touching either the victim or the source.

In the event of a fire, use fire extinguishers to put it out. Until the emergency arrives, this will lessen the harm. Water should never be used to put out a fire since it will cause more damage.

This may seem common sense, yet people can forget this during panicking. We are in a condition of shock that we forget the simplest answer. If someone is hurt, it’s strongly recommended that they phone 000 immediately.



Electrical engineers design and build electrical machinery. They work on all stages of the manufacturing process for this type of equipment and combine design and technical talents in their work. Electrical engineers must obtain a bachelor’s degree in one of the most popular fields of study, which is electrical or electronics engineering. A Professional Engineer (PE) license is required for administrative jobs in this profession, but it’s not required for entry-level work. Electrical engineers are frequently employed in power generation, research, and manufacturing. They could make electric motors or generators, for example.

An electrical engineer’s responsibilities include the following:

Electrician’s design, install, and repair electrical power systems, such as transmission, lighting, and control networks, in homes, enterprises, workplaces, and public areas and pedestrian areas, in addition to ensuring that electrical work is up to standards.

An electrician’s duties and responsibilities include the following:


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