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How to survive the Aussie summer – is air conditioning in Logan the solution?

How to survive the Aussie summer ?

Summer in Australia can be really hot! Over the past few years, temperatures continue to hit new record highs. Despite the heat, an Australian summer holiday features on countless bucket lists across the globe.

And while blue skies and white sands of the idyllic summer vacay are synonymous with pleasure – the heat can be confronting and can certainly turn the perfect summer day into something very uncomfortable – for both residents and holiday-makers alike.

If you have air conditioning in Logan, you may want to spend the whole summer indoors, and with good reason. Here are some awesome ideas from your local electrician to manage the summer heat  – both with an efficient air conditioning unit and additional “cooling” resources.

How to survive the Aussie summer ?

  1. Water, water more water: There are numerous and fun-filled ways to fight off the summer heat, but anything in the summertime in Australia should start with taking care of your body. Taking care in summer starts with drinking plenty of water. A lot of water. This is the most important thing. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks. Instead, add fruit juice as your recreational drink and stay hydrated!
  1. Start as early as possible: on a hot summer day in Australia, it is advisable to start your day off as early as possible. Stay out of the midday heat and sun – designate the time you want to use your aircon.
  1. Sunscreen is a must: if you are planning to go outside during the summertime in Australia, putting on sunscreen with a good SPF is mandatory. You should apply and reapply the sunscreen from early morning till the sun goes down. According to the latest survey, skin cancer is one of the leading causes of death in Australia. So, even if it’s a short 5 minute walk outside, apply sunscreen to shield yourself from harmful UV rays.
  1. Fan vs Aircon: The debate is revisited annually. Is a fan enough to keep you cool during the Aussie summer? Truth be told – it depends on your tolerance levels. Night times are invariably the hardest to endure – sleeping can be tough in the heat and a well serviced air-conditioning unit can provide much needed respite. If your property/home is suitable to install an air conditioning unit and you can manage your usage – you will definitely be grateful for its service come Christmas time.
  1. Thermostats and timers – set and save: While an air-conditioning unit can be a saving grace in the heat of Summer, they can certainly cause an increase in your energy bill. When it comes to energy efficiency and reducing your air conditioning bill over summer, one of the best things you can do is set your thermostat at a comfortable temperature that won’t make your unit work too hard, but will still help create a bearable indoor environment. In addition, consider a thermostat with a built-in timer, so you’re not only setting the temperature, but setting the hours of operation.

Is an air-conditioner the solution?

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